Just Days After the Election, Mike Pence is Preparing to Target the LGBT Community-blogged by @djb.jewelz

Just Days After the Election, Mike Pence is Preparing to Target the LGBT Community-blogged by @djb.jewelz

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Mike Pence, the vice-president-elect, is suggested to be “the most powerful vice president ever.” Only days after the election, Pence is showing his power by replacing Chris Christie as chairman of Trump’s transition team. He is already preparing to fill the major positions in the incoming Trump administration.

While he may have power, Pence does not seem to have the support of the people. He is arguably the most anti-LGBTQ politician to serve in Congress and as the governor of a state.

Before signing the “religious liberty law” in Indiana last year, Pence openly supported“conversion therapy”. He even made comments about marriage equality leading to “societal collapse,”.

In addition to Pence’s support for anti-LGBTQ laws, president-elect Donald Trump seems to stand with Pence on these issues. While many seem to believe that Trump has become “more accepting” of the LGBT community, they often forget his promises to create injustices for LGBT people.

Trump has promised to put justices on the Supreme Court to overturn marriage equality. He’s also promised to sign the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), which would permit the discrimination against LGBT people by government employees and others.

With changes as such, Trump is supporting clerks like Kim Davis and encouraging them to not give marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. Businesses would even be granted the right to refuse services to gay and lesbian individuals under federal law.

If Trump’s administration-compiled of people like Pence, Ben Carson, and Mike Gingrich-make decisions about the LGBT community, the United States’ progression in the area of LGBT equality could be hindered tremendously.

While it’s still too early to tell, Pence’s decision to add Carson, Gingrich, and those who also support anti-LGBT rights, shows that he is already in the process of completely assaulting this community of Americans.

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