Juvenile Debuts His Own Line Of Beer Dubbed "Juvie Juice"
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Juvenile Debuts His Own Line Of Beer Dubbed “Juvie Juice”

Legendary Cash Money rapper Juvenile has joined forces with a local brewery to produce his own beer called “Juvie Juice.”

In a partnership with Urban South Brewery, Juvenile’s beer line is a hard twist on the famed lemonade and ice tea blend. The “Arnold Palmer” happens to be one of Juvenile’s favorite beverages, so it’s only fitting that he decided to put his spin on it. During last month’s Mardi Gras festivities, Juvenile took to the streets during the parade and handed out cans of his new adult beverage.

For weeks, Juvenile has been taking fans through the creation process of his “Juvie Juice.” The “Back That Thang Up” star has given his followers behind-the-scenes looks into the production process. Graphic designer Nik Richard was the mastermind who brought the logo to life. 

“Honored to have my art on the cans. The legend @juviethegreat did it with this one,” Richard captioned an Instagram Reel of Juvenile autographing dozens of the labels.

Jacob Landry, the founder and president of Urban South Brewery, shares in this enthusiasm for the business’s first-ever twisted iced tea. He is even rolling out an online campaign allowing customers to win prizes if they bring in their “Juvie Juice” cans and share photos on social media.

“Juvie Juice” is available in 12 oz and 19.2.oz cans. It is now available in local grocers in the New Orleans area.  Urban South’s taproom online also has the cans available soon for pickup orders. 

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