K Camp: The Chosen One's Journey - Exclusive Interview with 'Baller Talk'
K Camp

K Camp: The Chosen One’s Journey – Exclusive Interview with ‘Baller Talk’

K Camp continues to prove he’s the ‘Chosen One,’ transitioning from creating hit singles to overcoming adversity in the music industry and undergoing scary vocal surgery. The ATL rapper gets personal with us in an exclusive ‘Baller Talk’ interview.

The world first met K Camp in 2015 when he debuted his studio album, “Only Way Up.” The record reached the Top 10 of the US R&B/Hip Hop albums chart and spawned hit singles like “Comfortable” and “Lil Bit.”

From there, he released his second studio album in 2017, “RARE Sound,” which featured collaborations with the likes of T-Pain and Ty Dolla Sign.

His third studio album, “K.I.S.S 5,” was released in 2019, featuring the singles “Racks Like This” and “Can’t Go Home.”

Since then, K Camp admitted that fans said he fell off, but he was determined to prove them wrong.

After parting ways with his label, Interscope, the artist released his first independent project, “Float to London,” which is now trending globally.

The album features a diverse tracklist showcasing K Camp’s versatility, blending introspective tunes with infectious bangers bound to resonate with existing and new fans.

In an exclusive ‘Baller Talk’ interview, the rapper lets us in on his personal, business, and even romantic life.

Let’s explore your musical journey, tracing from “ICU” in 2010 to the recent album “Float to London.” How have you evolved musically?

“I’ve evolved a lot, especially after my vocal surgery at the beginning of last year. I’ve been in my producer bag, making beats. I had a plan B just in case things went left. As far as musical evolution, certain sounds don’t resonate with me anymore. I’ve been experimenting because when it comes to music, I really try to dive into it, so I’ll say that.”

How have you evolved personally?

“Talking about self-growth, I’ve learned a lot about myself, understanding my flaws, what triggers me, what keeps me vibing out, what keeps me balanced, and just treating people a little better. I’m not saying I ever treated people wrong, but I’m hot and cold sometimes. Within the industry, I can’t always maintain the same vibe. It’s a learning curve at the end of the day, but I think I’ve gotten better.”

“Chosen One” is one of my favorite songs on the album. It stands out as a confident anthem. Can you share a recurring event in your life that reminds you that you’re chosen?

“Just recently, with my project going top 10 in all genres independently. That really made me feel like the chosen one in terms of standing for what I believe in. I did this album out of my pocket. I flew to London, did all the videos and the rollout for it. I take this seriously, and when I put it out, I was kind of nervous. I let my friends listen to it, and they loved it. I knew it was an album for my people. I think I did well.”

You’ve chosen the independent route. What influenced that decision?

“All the trial and error when I was with my label. Of course, you start off independently before you get signed, but it’s not on the scale I’m at now. I was signed to Interscope since 2014, almost 10 years. In the beginning, it started off great, but after four to five years, it was like, ‘What are we doing?’ So being in that gray area with them, wondering what I’m doing, why I’m not getting compensated the way I need to, why is management falling apart—there was too much confusion. So, I always couldn’t wait to be independent, and it worked out perfectly.”

The transparency in your music is something your people love about you. What has been the most significant challenge you’ve faced in your music career?

“The biggest challenge has been turning things around when everyone gave up on me. That was tough. I was checking online every day to see what folks had to say about me. And it’s hard to change someone’s opinion on you when they have it set. So, it was really hard to get in the groove and keep going. Back then, I was in my feelings about it, but I was trying to prove that I could still do music. Not getting paid and fighting with my label was also challenging at a young age. I also lost my daughter and my grandma, but I kept my faith, and now we’re here.”

Your vibe suggests you’re a bit of a lover boy. What qualities does a woman need to have to be the one for K Camp?

“She has to smell good, feel smooth and moisturized. But honestly, she has to have a good head on her shoulders and some business about herself. Family-oriented, know how to take care of her man, take care of herself. She has to be fine and not boring because I’m adventurous. I like a little attitude and spice too.”

Now the men went up for “Spin da Block.” I feel like it’s an in-your-feelings song, but you made it masculine. Are there a couple of women you’ll spin the block on or just one?

“Yeah, I got a couple of them. But I tend to find out that spinning the block doesn’t always work. The chemistry isn’t the same. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

You recently underwent throat surgery. What led to straining your vocal cords?

“After doing two tours back-to-back, recording an album, drinking, and smoking, my vocal coach at the time told me that all of that took a toll on my vocal cords. I overworked them and ended up having inflammation. I didn’t notice it at first, but when I got off tour and got in the studio, it hit me. Recovery went well, and the doctors cleared me, so I’m good to perform.”

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

“I would say cherish and love the moment. Stop moving too fast. Spend more time with your family, read more, learn more. Always be a sponge. Back then, I didn’t care about anything in life. I was so hard-headed. I’d tell him to be present, live every day like it’s your last because this world is wicked. Be yourself. Don’t change. Also, I’d tell him ‘you can take other people’s opinions but trust your heart.'”


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