K. Camp Talks Not Getting Proper Credit For His TikTok Viral "Lottery (Renegade)" Record and Shoots His Shot at Ice Spice
K Camp interview

Exclusive: K. Camp Talks Not Getting Proper Credit For His TikTok Viral “Lottery (Renegade)” Record and Shoots His Shot at Ice Spice [Video]

K Camp continues to elevate and find new ways to connect with his fans. After having a viral TikTok challenge for the “Renegade” record and not receiving the proper credit due to the sound title being changed within the app, the rapper is not letting that happen again. 

The 32-year-old recently signed a partnership deal with TikTok through SoundOn and released a song called “Pretty Ones,” a “hard-hitting trap beat with a catchy sing-song cadence that serves his signature melodic flow.” 

SoundOn is an all-in-one platform that “helps artists connect with loyal and new audiences and handle their projects in a way that best suits each unique artist release.” 

When asked about signing the deal, the musician expressed it was a “full-circle moment.” 

“It was a full-circle moment, and TikTok is the biggest platform of the decade,” he said. 

“We saw how powerful it was when my “Lottery” song went viral. It was suitable to spin the block on the partnership and get my just-do as I didn’t receive it last night. Because the platform was new, it didn’t expose the artist behind the record. The song was changed to “Renegade,” which was confusing. Due to its cultural impact, I feel it should have done better than it did and went Diamond.”

Drill music is a rising genre, and while it continues to hit the mainstream airwaves, K Camp can’t call if the genre will fade or have longevity. 

“Everything has its time when it comes to music,” he said. 

“Drill has its time, Trap has its time, and even R&B had a time when it was slow, then came back around. Every few years, things switch, but the movement will survive in New York depending on changes in the sound in the next few years. Music is music, and you never know what New York might bring next.” 

Ice Spice is putting on for New York and has this sexy approach to the drill sound. He had this to say when asked about his thoughts on the artist. 

“Ice Spice is fine as hell – tell her to call me,” he laughed. 

“If that time comes, the vibes are there, and we want to get into the studio, then that’s what we’ll do. She is fine as hell, though, so tell her to call me.” 

He gives a special shoutout to Fivio Foreign, B-Lovve, and the late Pop Smoke, mentioning that these artists are doing the drill genre justice now. 

“There’s a lot of underground artists and on the come up in the drill scene who are also doing their thing,” he mentioned. 

“I won’t sit here and say I know every drill rapper, but I know a few holding it down so shoutout to them.” 

The hip hop star feels his song “Ice Cold” was a bigger hit than “Whats On Ya Mind” but it went “platinum in the streets.” 


When asked about what record from another artist he felt should’ve been bigger than what it was, he goes on to say “Just How It Is” from Young Thug

“Everyone will have their pick, but the label knows what will serve as ear candy for the radio,” he said. 

The rapper then wraps the interview and shares the “prettiest” record he’s ever heard. 

“I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston,” he said. 

He continued, mentioning “At Your Best (You Are Loved)” by Aaliyah, “Pretty Wings” by Maxwell, and even throwing in Adele

You can see the visual for his new record “Pretty Ones” with B-Lovve below. 


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