Kansas City Woman Ends Up Winning $1 Million After Purchasing Scratch-Off Ticket to ‘Pass the Time’ After Her Flight Got Canceled

A woman’s decision to “pass the time” by purchasing a lottery ticket led to her winning $1 million.

Kansas City, Mo resident Angela Caravella picked up a lottery ticket worth a million dollars after her flight back home from Florida was canceled. To “pass the time,” Caravella purchased a scratch-off game ticket from a Publix in Brandon, Florida, after her flight was canceled earlier that day. 

“I had a feeling something bizarre was going to happen after my flight was canceled unexpectedly. I bought a few Scratch-Off tickets to pass the time and just like that – I won $1 million,” said Caravella. 

Caravella cashed out at the Florida Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee. She decided to take a lump sum of $790,000. The store she purchased the ticket from will receive a bonus of $2,000 for selling the winning ticket. 

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