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State Rep. Mark Samsel
State Rep. Mark Samsel

Kansas Lawmaker Who Subbed As High School Teacher Arrested After Alleged Physical Altercation With Student; Claims Incident Was Planned

A Kansas lawmaker has been arrested for allegedly physically abusing a high school student while substitute teaching. He claims the incident was planned.

On Thursday, police from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office arrested and booked State Rep. Mark Samsel for misdemeanor battery involving a student. The incident took place on Wednesday when he was stepping in as a sub in Wellsville High School, located about 45 miles southwest of Kansas City.

Students began recording Samsel as he was allegedly talking to students about suicide, sex, religion and masturbation. On Thursday, Wellsville Superintendent Ryan Bradbury sent a letter home to students’ parents letting them know about the incident and notifying them that an investigation was launching into the matter. The incident has yet to release many details “due to privacy laws.”

Parents told the Kansas City Star that Samsel “put hands” on a student and allegedly “kneed him in the crotch.” Allegedly, Samsel told the student to go to the nurse’s office as it appeared that he was on the brink of tears. Samsel has since been released and claims the encounter was planned.


State Rep. Mark Samsel
State Rep Mark Samsel
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