Kanye Tells President Obama To “Keep My Baby Mama’s Name Out Your Mouth”

Kanye is probably still feeling some type of way about President Obama calling him a Jackass, or maybe even the POTUS bringing up that Kim and Kanye don’t live the original “American Dream.” Either way, Kanye feels some type of way and he’s not happy. And he wonders why Jay & Beyoncé always get the presidential invites.


In an interview with Philly’s 107.9, Kanye was asked about his thoughts on Obama’s “Jackass” comment from years ago. Kanye goes on to say that President or not, his music brings joy to people and that if Obama doesn’t want Kanye mentioning Michelle, Obama doesn’t need to mention his “baby mama”. Why? Because they’re both from Chicago, whatever that means. I’m sure the threat would have been way more scary if Kanye wasn’t using his “new voice.” Watch the video below.




Kanye is really passionate about this fashion thing and I understand that. He must also understand that his fashion design hasn’t jumped off and it certainly isn’t a huge factor in anyone’s life but his. With that, sit down Kanye! He has been trying to force his decision to get into fashion on us as if WE are the ones telling him he can’t do it. Then his love for fashion becomes an excuse for his insane behavior. What does him bringing Fendi the leather jogging pant have to do with my every day life? That certainly was not the reason Obama called him a jackass. Kanye proves yet again that he’s lost it. I won’t even touch on the fact that he is still calling the woman he is engaged to marry his “baby mama” like that is something cute. That’s not the appropriate vocabulary to use with your new voice, Yeezy.

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