Did Kanye West Ban Media From Yeezy Season 5 Fashion Show?

Kanye West kept things lowkey for today’s  Yeezy Season 5 showing at New York Fashion Week. While this is normally a time when Kanye does it big, due to his recent hospitalization, this year was a little different.


A source tells ET that Kanye West has calmed down tremendously since his hospitalization and in recent weeks has been concentrating heavily on his fashion show. However, you probably noticed that you didn’t see much media coverage at the show. That’s because Kanye is keeping the guest list very tight.


“His main focus is making this collection great, having his close friends and family there, and have the buyer have the most positive experience,” the source says.


You may recall, West showed his Yeezy Season 4 collection at Roosevelt Island during New York Fashion Week in September and everything that could go wrong, did. It began with the outdoor fashion show starting over an hour late, with attendees waiting for a long period of time in 90 degree weather. Then, if matters couldn’t get worse, several models had a hard time walking in the shoes provided, with a few models falling, stumbling or breaking a heal.


Yeezy Season 5’s show was held on Wednesday at Pier 59 and Kanye reportedly opted to reveal his collection without media present.


“They don’t want another element to make more drama,” the source explains. “The last fashion show on Roosevelt Island was a disaster, and the media made it even worse. They’ve learned they don’t need the media to make it even bigger. His focus is on getting the fashion community to accept the line and his creations. He is just focused on production elements of the actual show right now.”


However, in true Kanye fashion,  the few people that did get an invite, were in for a dose of creativity. The packaged invitations included a long-sleeve t-shirt with the words “Lost Hills” written on the sleeves and across the front. They also received a copy of the Yeezy Season magazine.

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