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Kanye West Facing Another Class-Action Lawsuit Over Sunday Service

Kanye West is facing yet another class-action lawsuit over the mistreatment of his Sunday Service performers and staff. 

The lawsuit is currently divided between at least eight-hundred performers and crew members. According to Page Six, Frank Kim represents 500 performers while attorneys Harris & Ruble are working with about 300 crew members. 

Lawyers seem pretty confident that the number could reach close to 1,000 as they are currently tracking down past Sunday Service series members. 

According to stories from the lawsuit, the mistreatment ranges from late paychecks to unethical working conditions. 

Performer, Michael Pearson, how made $250/day flat rate, spilled that “regardless of his hours, [he] was not permitted a meal or restroom breaks, and also alleges that performers stood all day or sat on the floor — because not enough chairs had been sourced — and walked home when a shuttle wasn’t provided for them.”

Raina Leon, a hairstylist, shared that she had to wait 120 days for a $550 paycheck from work she did in November 2019. She revealed that it was less when she did receive the money because of a $20 wire fee deducted by West’s company.

The suit also claims that West’s “opera,” the “Nebuchadnezzar,” performed at the Hollywood Bowl in November 2019, “violated California labor laws by not paying employees on time — or ever — and denying overtime, meal and bathroom breaks.”

The Los Angeles County Superior Court and the Sun predict Kanye could be facing up to a “$30 million should he choose to fight, after settling with the plaintiffs and paying his legal bills.”

“No one knows how involved Kanye himself was, if he knew what was going on, as it was all so last minute, it was terribly ran. Whether it was mismanagement, accidental, or on purpose, this is a very strong case,” a source told Page Six. 

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