Kanye West Gets Booed During Pro-Trump Rant After SNL Performance, Wears “MAGA” Hat...Again

Kanye West Gets Booed During Pro-Trump Rant After SNL Performance, Wears “MAGA” Hat…Again

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Could it be safe to say Kanye West won’t be on SNL again for a long time? If the latest episode is any indication, Issa no. 

Kanye’s first of three performances was with Lil Pump performing their current single, “I Love It”. The two dressed as bottles of Perrier and Fiji water which gave for some comic relief as the costumes referenced Justin Timberlake’s “Liquorville” skits on the show. Despite the effort, fans were pretty underwhelmed by the performance itself, one tweeting, “I’m one of the biggest Kanye fans on the planet. Lol but nah this ain’t it, chief #snl “

Kanye returned on stage for the second performance with #TeyanaTaylor of an unreleased track from her #KTSE album. Not too much was said about the performance other than the awkward playing of the end voiceover for almost a full minute.

Then finally, instead of the traditional SNL send-off, Kanye performs “Ghost Town” with Kid Cudi and 070 Shake, wearing that damn MAGA hat. After the performance and during the show end credits, Kanye invited the cast back onstage and begins his Pro-Trump speech.

“I wanna cry right now, black man in America, supposed to keep what you’re feelin’ inside right now…” West says. “The blacks want always Democrats…you know it’s like the plan they did, to take the fathers out the home and put them on welfare… does anybody know about that? That’s a Democratic plan.” He continues, “There’s so many times I talk to a white person and [they] say, ‘How could you like Trump, he’s racist?’ Well, if I was concerned about racism I would’ve moved out of America a long time ago.”

He ended his set by confirming his run for President in 2020 and thanking the show for allowing him to use their platform, “even though some of y’all don’t agree.” Many of the cast members were standing behind West with their heads kept down, some rolled their eyes and others shook their heads.

Comedian Chris Rock, who was in the audience for the season premiere, shared the embarrassing moments via his IG story and was heard laughing and saying “Oh my God” during the rant while others in the crowd booed and yelled. Social media didn’t spare Kanye either after the episode ended. 

Kanye was a last-minute SNL replacement for Ariana Grande, who cancelled due to emotional issues.

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