Kanye West Gifts Chris Brown New YEEZY Truck To Honor His Career

It looks like Kanye West is still giving out YEEZY Truck’s and Chris Brown has been one of the latest celebrities to be gifted one of the massive tank-like vehicles that could possibly survive an apocalypse.

According to sources, Ye had the vehicle special delivered to Chris Brown’s Tarzana home as the gift made its grand entrance as it rolled through his front gates.

Sources say that there was no reason for the gift, Kanye just wanted to honor Chris’ career and talents while he was still here. Even though Kanye wasn’t there for the handoff, he penned a hand-written letter which said, “Congratulations to Chris brown, 20 years in the game you have overcome many hurdles and obstacles, you deserve the recognition for all the hard work you have put in.”

Chris seemed pretty excited about the gesture, and he thanked Kanye on Camera and even posted a photo to his Instagram of him in his driveway with the YEEZY Truck with a caption that read, “THANK YOU KANYE.”

Now, for the record, the machine you’re seeing is actually a SHERP ATV. Kanye’s been using a lot of them at his properties lately and seems to have piggybacked on Teslas’ Cybertruck hype with a nickname of his own.

SHERP ATV’s are used for extreme travel, it can maneuver through mud, ice, snow, and mountainous terrains. A new one can retail anywhere in the ballpark of $120k, so they don’t come cheap at all.

We know Chris has enjoyed himself some ATV time out around those parts before, so hopefully, he can put this thing to good use.



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