Kanye West Tells Elon Musk He Has 'Signs of Autism' from Car Accident in Leaked Text Messages

Kanye West Tells Elon Musk He Has ‘Signs of Autism’ from Car Accident in Leaked Text Messages

Kanye West says he does not have bipolar disorder, but instead, he attributes his behavior to “signs of autism” stemming from a 2002 car crash.

West allegedly texted Elon Musk, “When are we going to speak?  You owe me nothing.  You never have to speak to me again.  But if we do speak.  The nature of the relationship has to change.  I’m not bipolar.  I have signs of autism from my car accident.”

He said, “You can’t watch Kim keep my kids from me.  And not say anything publicly, then call yourself my friend so I can bring my audience to your struggling platform.”

Since Kanye has lost most of his social accounts, he instructed Ian Conner, a close associate, to convey the message.

In December, Elon suspended Kanye’s X (Twitter) account due to his antisemitic remarks.  Although it was reinstated in July, Kanye hasn’t been active.  It’s unclear if they’ve discussed his return to X (Twitter) or Kanye’s recent texts to Elon.

West is linking his “signs of autism” to a car crash in October 2002 when he reportedly fell asleep while driving a rented Lexus on his way home from a recording studio, resulting in a collision with an oncoming car.

In the 2002 car accident, Kanye West suffered a shattered jaw, and the other driver broke both legs.  During his recovery, Kanye had to have his jaw wired shut, which inspired his popular song “Through the Wire.”

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