Kanye West Says He Is Not Being Paid By Republicans: “Bro, Can’t Nobody Pay Me, I Got More Money Than Trump”

Kanye West insists that he is not being financed by republicans and suggests that he can’t be paid off because he is more affluent than Donald Trump.

While he may agree with some republican views, hang out with #Trump and sport a #MAGA hat, West says that he is not working with the Republican Party in this year’s election. He adds that he also isn’t being paid to disrupt it, following rumors that he was only joining the race to steal votes from #JoeBiden to divide the Democratic Party and ultimately help Trump be re-elected.

The rapper says that nobody can pay him, particularly not Trump, because he is richer than he is. West sat down with #NickCannon for the entertainer’s podcast and responded to claims suggesting Republicans are using him as a ploy to get Trump another four years by dividing Black votes. In the clip, West said, “People keep on saying I think that y’all, you and Republicans, are in cahoots,” as Cannon clarified, saying many believe the party is “paying you to do what you’re doing to be a distraction” in the 2020 election.

West responded, saying, “Bro, can’t nobody pay me, I got more money than Trump,” seemingly suggesting that because he is wealthier than Trump that he can’t possibly be getting paid to do Trump’s bidding. Cannon went on to talk about how both of the celebs were called “paid slaves” who need to “take their toys and go back home.” He then added that people have taken issue with West running for president because they think he is a “distraction because they don’t want four more years of Trump.”

Cannon then said that he does not want another four years of Trump, saying that West may, but he is against it. “You might, but I don’t, and you want an alternative of four years of Ye. Is that realistic right now?” said Cannon. In response, West said, “I’m not running for President, I’m walking.” The interview was conducted at West’s ranch in Wyoming, which appears to be West’s headquarters for his Presidential campaign.

In the midst of West’s “walk” for the presidency, he recently filed a lawsuit against the state of Wisconsin’s Election Commission over not being placed on the ballot. The Wisconsin Election Commission reportedly rejected West’s submission because he did not meet the state’s deadline to be considered, The Blast reports. However, West claims that’s not true and that he did get his submission in on time, with just seconds to spare before the deadline closed. The Commission claims he missed the 5:00 p.m. deadline, but West says his deadline was actually 5:01 p.m., and that he made it by just 14 seconds. The rapper filed the lawsuit in Brown County, Wisconsin, and he is now requesting the court put him and his running mate Michelle Tidwell on the ballot for November.

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