Kanye West Sources Say His Shoe Sales Are Doing Just Fine Amid His Latest Political Antics

Kanye West’s is still collecting a consistent coin regardless of his latest antics in media.

Some critics were skeptical of Yeezy  Shoe sales going down,  following West’s problematic incidents. When Yeezy dropped his #YeezyMauve700shoe on Saturday, unlike past release dates, these shoes didn’t sell out instantly. Online critics claimed sales were low because of his political rants and outbursts.

But TMZ reports that sources close to Ye say product volume has gone up 10 percent compared to previous shoe releases. Those same sources say the Yeezy brand is worth several billion dollars and the company is better than it has been. The brand is predicted to grow further into the billions by the end of the year.

It looks like Kanye won’t have to worry about his politics affecting sales since he claims he is taking himself out of that arena for good. Ye’s next shoe release is set for Nov. 9.

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