Did Kanye West Suffer Memory Loss?

It appears there may have been some things about Kanye West’s health that we didn’t know about.


In late November, Kanye West was hospitalized for stress and exhaustion, following a string of erratic behavior. Reportedly the rapper needed a mental health break and the wrong dosage of medication made matters worse. Kanye was treated, then released from the hospital a week after being admitted.


On the Grammy’s red carpet, West’s long time friend and collaborator, Malik Yusef, gave a status update on Kanye’s condition.


“I went to his house and sat with him for about 6 or 7 hours, just walking through his health and recover,” Yusef tells PopSugar. “His memory is coming back, which is super good. He’s just healing and spending time with his family.”


Malik Yusef says that currently Kanye is not working on any new music and is focused on getting better.

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