Kanye West Suing Wisconsin After Being Rejected From State Ballot

After Kanye West failed to submit his paperwork on time, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) rejected him from their ballot earlier this month. West is now suing the WEC to get his name listed in time for the November election.

The WEC had a 5 p.m. deadline and said that no petitions may be submitted on the due date a second after the time. West submitted his paperwork 14 seconds late, according to the WEC.

According to The Hill, West is asking the local courts of Brown County to rule that his paperwork for the presidential election were submitted on time and to ensure that he and his running mate, Michelle Tidwell, will appear on the ballot in November.

Initially, West petitioned his rejection, losing in a 5-1 marginal vote. But, West only missed the deadline by seconds. His lawyers are arguing that the deadline expires actually at 5:01 p.m.

West has already secured spots on the ballots in Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont, and a few more.

His fate with Wisconsin will soon be determined, despite the small amount of support he has in the state.

Kanye West

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