Kanye West Talks Being “Canceled,” Apologizing For Controversial Behavior And Says Black People Are “Cultureless”

Kanye West sat down for an interview with media personality #BigBoy and opened up about his appreciation for Donald Trump, no longer apologizing for his controversial acts, being “canceled” from Black culture and more.

West just released his latest album “Jesus Is King,” a gospel project that now stands as the catalyst to his newfound career in gospel music following his recommitment to Christianity. On Big Boi’s YouTube channel, Big Boy TV, the Chicago native opened about his faith and discussed his highly criticized relationship with Donald Trump. 

Despite Trump’s blatant racism, misogyny, and poor political decisions, West said that his choice to vote for Trump shouldn’t be criticized just because he is Black. Big Boi asked West if what he had gone through contributed to who he is now, to which West responded that his experiences with having a mental illness and being cast out from his culture over being pro-Trump has made him more relatable. The rapper said he is greatly appreciated in Middle America.

“Me being taken to my lowest, being called a coon by my own people. The guy that said ‘George Bush doesn’t care about Black people’ is a coon because I didn’t say ‘I’m going to vote on Hillary Clinton.’ And that actually made me more relatable. You can’t imagine when I go through Middle America,” he said. “I was driving fast, I was looking at a property that’s like 4,000 acres we were going to buy out here and I’m trying to drive fast to the freeway and I hit a red light and a guy said, ‘Now, why you gotta go so fast, that you gotta drive and cut me- what Kanye? Oh, thank you for what you’re doing for our country. Thank you so much.’ Like, you have no idea.” Big Boi then questioned West on his feelings towards Black people once-loving him for pro-Blackness and now disliking him for his questionable actions. West said Black people don’t drive culture.

“And this one of my main things: What is the culture? It’s like, ‘Man, this ain’t for the culture, we doing something for the culture.’ We are orphans, bro,” West said of Black people. ”We are culture-less. We don’t have our own culture. We signed to culture vultures. We sign our life away, our contracts are culture vultures. Think about everything that’s cultural. Taking the knee is cultural; being on social media is cultural; wearing high-fashion is cultural; pushing a foreign is cultural; all these things are not owned by our culture. So who designed the culture? What does it mean to do it for the culture? That’s why I do it for Christ?”

He then touched on Black people historically voting Democrat, claiming the Black community has been brainwashed to prefer that political party. “I was talking to James Corden the other day, and I told him, ‘I said look, ‘my father is a Black Panther, and my mother got arrested for the sit-ins at age six. They were fighting for us to have the right to our opinion, not fighting for the right to vote for whoever the white liberal said Black people are supposed to vote for.” He added that he also won’t be apologizing any time soon for his previous controversial actions. “Another thing is like this thing about apologizing. We’ll apologize for George Bush don’t care, apologize for running on the stage with Taylor Swift, apologize for wearing the wrong color hat, I ain’t apologizing for nothing. Y’all dealing with grandpa now,” West stated. “I done been through too much. I’m the founder of a billion-dollar company; you think I’m finna listen to someone online telling me who I’m supposed to apologize for?”

Later on in the interview, West opened up about the album and its influence with his father. “And then my dad, I was in a car, and I was talking about, ‘Man, you know someone was saying like you know we need to have the word.’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, you gotta have some word.’ And I was like, but…’ And then me and my Dad got into this biggest argument about it. My dad was like, ‘You gotta have the word in church, Google it. Google it!’ And we got into it. I was like, ‘You know how many things I had to Google because you wasn’t here?’ But he was right.” One of his last statements was on whether or not he’d ever perform any of his old songs. “We could play that beat, but I’m going to just adjust it.”

West has been making headlines throughout the week. Most recently, he sat down with #ZaneLowe, where he opened up about saying he disapproved of #KimKardashian wearing a corset and Thiery Mugler dress. “I suffer and appreciate the suffering because we can feel a little bit of what Jesus experienced, but I suffer on social media. There are married men that I know are happy to hear me say that. Social media prompts women, in particular, to put out content that they wouldn’t in the past,” he said,” When I was younger, and I wanted to see something like that, I had to pay someone who was older…Now I have friends who have kids in high school, and it’s readily available.”

With Big Boi, West said Instagram has control over women, noting that specialists allegedly found that women, in particular, use the swipe motion on apps more than men. West said the specialists learned this because the video game app “Angry Birds” was popular amongst women, in turn making other swipe motion apps, like Tinder and Instagram, more appealing to the female community. “This is something that Zane denounced. The game Angry Birds has a motion like this,” West said while making the motion of swiping. And if you remember, girls are just not known for playing a lot of video games, but this game was popular with girls. It was a scientific calculation that [the motion] set off a certain dopamine, specifically in the female mind.” Funny thing is people that control that…rappers be like ‘I got yo b*tch,’ Instagram got yo b*tch. Cause they gone, do it for the gram before they send it to you.”


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