Kanye West Talks Forbes Being His Favorite White Supremacist, Wanting To Meet Joe Biden and More

Nick Cannon has dropped the second part of his interview with Kanye West. In it, West talks trying to meet Joe Biden, Democrats not being “allowed to talk about Christ” and his favorite white supremacist being Forbes.

It’s a new day, but the same Kanye. In Cannon’s second portion of his interview with West, the artist first talks about wanting to meet with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. “I’m fine to meet with Biden,” West said. “I would meet with anybody. I love everybody. Jesus loves everybody.” He goes on to say that he can meet with anyone. “I can meet with whoever I want,” he said. “You know why? Because I’m free,” said West.

The two then move on to whether it was a “realistic goal” for West to become president. “But I don’t care if we talked and just got some ice cream,” West said. “I can get ice cream. That’s what I’m saying I don’t have to justify none of my actions, period … What has Biden done for me that’s so special to make me vote for this man?” If it’s not this time around, West said he’ll be president at some point “in our lifetime.” Cannon then questioned if West was happy to see Kamala Harris in the White House, to which West responded, asking Cannon if it would “good for Christ.” He then said that Democrats aren’t allowed to talk about religion on a public platform.

“When you a Democrat, you not allowed to talk about Christ,” West said, despite that not being true. “Republicans are allowed to talk about Christ,” West said, adding that your values will align more with Republican views if you are a Christian. West then noted that Forbes was “gangster” because they “act like” it’s the 1800s. “They cold, bro,” West said. “My most favorite white supremacists is Forbes. Because, bro, I just gotta, like, respect. They gangster, bro. They don’t live in 2020. They act like it’s 1800s, still.”

Despite his very much unlikely bid for presidency, the rapper still believes in himself.

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