Kanye’s Campaign Staff Allegedly Asked To” Refrain From Fornicating Outside Of Marriage”

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Early Wednesday, readers were given a behind the scenes glimpse of Kanye West’s campaign. The New York Times published a report by Danny Hakim and Maggie Haberman, where they shared details about the campaign, specifically its fixation on religion. In the piece’s opening moments, the reporters said that the campaign staff was asked to” refrain from’ fornicating’ outside of marriage.”

The report said that during the discussion with NYT, West talked mostly about abortion. West claimed that he isn’t a supporter of any efforts to” ban or stop or point fingers” regarding women’s rights to choose, but, according to the report, he is still in the business of demonizing the medical procedure.

West claimed that as president he wants to create” stipends for families that need support, orphanages that are really high-level desirable for people to go to,” as well as” the redesign of communities and cities, in general, to be supporting of families.” West also mentioned an” eco-village” called Birthday Lake, where visitors are said to” safely experience pregnancy and birth.”

The piece included a breakdown of the beginnings of the campaign and the help of the dismissed consulting firm, Mercury Public Affairs. It also included additional comments from West and observations on his POTUS push.

The reporters said that Kanye West was’ upset’ after calling for a live Times interview regarding a meeting he had with Jared Kushner. He then demanded that the Times editor be apart of the live interview with him on zoom.

” I’m Kanye, who are you?” he reportedly said during the Zoom session.” I’m the head of everything,” he added, before reportedly asking if” anyone at your magazine” believes in Jesus Christ.

Elsewhere, West also spoke on his campaign’s poor timing and rumors that he’s being” exploited” by the Republican party, but failed to elaborate because he was finishing his album.

However, in his most recent comments, Kanye says that the release of new music is on pause because of his dispute with Universal Music Group over contracts.

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