Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Says LeBron James Is Bigger Than The “GOAT,” Says He’s A Cultural Hero

The argument over which NBA player is the Greatest of All Time, or the GOAT, never seems to end. For at least the last decade, the same two basketball stars are thrown in the ring for GOAT status: #LebronJames and #MichaelJordan.

Many base their decision off rings, some base theirs off stats. However, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (who is an NBA legend in his own right) has his own views on why he believes Lebron James is the greatest of all time…and that’s the final answer once and for all.

Abdul-Jabbar attributed James’ commitment to his health, in helping his game stay nearly consistent throughout his 16-year career in the league, Abdul-Jabbar wrote to Newsweek. 

He said, “LeBron’s sheer athleticism motivates young players to reach for a high standard of physical preparedness. His physical dominance isn’t just genetic luck; he is dedicated and disciplined in his workout and diet, often rising at 5 a.m. to begin exercising, which he does five days a week off-season, and seven days a week during the season. His routine includes everything from a step-climber, spin classes, Pilates and weights to hot tubs, cold tubs and a liquid nitrogen chamber. Just reading about his relentless routine makes me want to drop and pump out 50 pushups.”

He also mentioned James’ ‘I Promise’ school in Akron and his stances on social justice and equality. He said, “To laud anyone as a cultural hero, that person would also have to embody as well as promote some of the core values of that culture. LeBron has done that through his outspoken political and social advocacy, especially in support of racial equality. But beyond just talking, he has taken positive actions to better the community and country.”

In explaining the pointless comparison to Lebron and Michael, Abdul-Jabbar stated we need to just appreciate our “ageless heroes.”

“But LeBron James is the hero this generation has thrown up the pop chart,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote. “It’s a place he clearly has earned, and we’re all better off for him being there.”

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