Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Urges Voters To Reject The Status Quo

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is urging voters to reject the Status Quo. The former NBA player recently posted an article sharing his opinion on the 2020 election. His overall message questions the relevancy of both Trump and Biden.

“This election is not about the content of the candidates’ character, it’s about the content of the voters’ character. We are proclaiming to ourselves and the rest of the world what America means.” Jabbar said.

It is no secret that America has faced a great deal of trauma during the past few months. America ran buy Trump’s administration has opened the door for a great deal of hate and crimes against humanity.

According to The Center for Strategic and International Studies, In 2020, 67 percent of terrorist plots and attacks in the U.S. were carried out by white supremacists. The Department of Homeland Security also recently stated, ” Violent white supremacy is the most persistent and lethal threat in the homeland.”

Trump, who refuses to condemn white supremacy, has subsequently become the figurehead of hate, greed, and corruption in America.

“To Trumps make America great again supporters, Trump is not a real person, he is a cult figure in whom they have blind faith regardless of what he says or does. The President fulfills their vision of America, not as a land of equal opportunity,” Jabbar said.

Jabbar also criticized Trump and the GOP‘s election rigging attempts to suppress the votes calling it “the evilest, insidious, and even traitorous action taken by the administration.” Trump influenced the U.S. Postal Service to cut back on sorting machines and mail pick-ups that may result in ballots not arriving in time to be counted. Texas governor Greg Abbott tried to limit ballot drop boxes to one per county. “In one county that means one box for 4.7 million people,” Jabbar said.

While Trump’s unethical tactics should be condemned, they come as no surprise to the American people.  During his 4 years in office, Trump has managed to create a major divide in America. Citizens must pay close attention to the facts surrounding politics as opposed to opinion. America is in desperate need of innovation, and it is our responsibility to assure that our great nation doesn’t fall at the hand of an arbitrary leader.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Ended with the following statement, “I’m voting for Joe Biden. In part, my support is because he’s a decent man who supports progressive policies. I’m also voting for him because he is emblematic of America I have been fighting for over the last fifty years: One committed to inclusion and equal opportunity. I believe he will reverse the social, economic, and moral nosedive this country has been in for four years.”


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