Karen Civil Releases Statement Addressing Claims She Scammed Non-Profit Organization in Haiti, Accuser Responds

Karen Civil Releases Statement Addressing Claims She Scammed Non-Profit Organization in Haiti, Accuser Responds

Marketing maven Karen Civil has been trending on social media over the past few days after being accused of taking advantage of former clients Jessie Woo and Joyner Lucas. She’s even been accused of and admitted to hiring a hacker to take down Hollywood Unlock’s Instagram page. And now, another accuser has come forward alleging that Civil scammed Haitian non-profit organization, “Sow a Seed.”

Twitter user Melissah Prato took to the platform to allege Civil tried to “thoroughly profit” off of the organization when she signed on as an ambassador in 2014. In a Twitter thread, Prato alleged she reached out to Civil because she liked the “image” she portrayed online and even got the go-to from an “industry friend.” The two eventually connected about a playground and help with a school in Croix-Des-Bouquet. Following a successful photoshoot highlighting Civil as a brand ambassador, the two agree to do a groundbreaking for the playground, the woman alleges. Gearing up for the groundbreaking, the woman then alleged Civil only covered her flight and $1,500 for the groundbreaking, after agreeing to pay $41K to contribute to the project.

In response to Prato’s claim, Civil told Baller Alert:

“The school they chose I thought was very amazing and we did a groundbreaking ceremony there to establish the park we planned to build.

Unfortunately we could not come to an agreement on the name of the park and how it would be structured. Because we could not come to an agreement on the name and how it would be structured. 

Their organization put out a press release and unbeknownst prior to me on their Instagram stating we parted ways.

So I put out a statement as well and decided to move forward with continuing with building the Live Civil playground at a different location.”

In response to Karen Civil’s statement, Melissa Prato told Baller Alert,

“It is absolutely impossible for there to have been an acceptable discussion about naming the playground. This was a branded project by @sowaseed – it was not their first playing. The project was already on paper and had a blueprint. Sow a seed had already done a playground (please see attached images) and the PARTNERS for the previous playground understood that it was an “unnamed” playground for the kids under SowaSeed’ ART pillar – for “PROJECT PLAYWORLD” which is the umbrella for ALL of our playgrounds – they never tried to “rename it”. So there was no “debate” for renaming this – it was already branded. This was explained to her in the deck (provided documentation) she received from the DISCUSSION phase of this project. After she came back from Haiti and began to see that this would be great exposure for her brand, she then brought up renaming and rebranding with us. Asking to include “Live Civil” artwork on the playground floor. Meanwhile, Karen Civil was not on board as a partner but as a brand ambassador. The brand remains : SOW A SEED.”

Updated statement from Karen Civil

8 yrs ago I tried to partner with an organization to give back to my home country. The trip was a beautiful experience, however the initial org I was working with had crafted efforts that would have been inaccessible to the children aimed to serve. Unwilling to make the playground more accessible to the people who would use it, I regrouped with aternative community leaders & local organizations.

I worked to move forward with building our own Live Civil Playground. The money was used to renovate a local school to provide a safe environment for kids to learn and build a playground. That first year, for our Christmas initiative we had Andre Berto dress up as Santa and Lil Wayne donate clothing & toys to all of the students.

Another organization (formerly known as JBF Worldwide) helped me fulfill my initial want to bring STEM equipment to serve the Haitian youth. I was able to built our own Live Civil computer lab at an orphanage, provided computers and Beats by Dre headphones for active learning w/ assistance of Lunion Suite.

I have since done other activations including post-earthquake relief in partnership with Hope for Haiti for the last three years.

I know it’s really easy to project and vilify me at this time, but what I will not allow is for anyone to discredit or diminish the incredible work I have done and continue to do in Haiti.

Right now my Haitian brothers and sisters need our help. As we speak, thousands of Haitian people are being deported without being offered their legal opportunity to file for asylum. The deportation to Haiti must be stopped. Please visit HaitianBridge.org for more information.

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