‘Spray Paint Karen’ Defaces Pride Mural

A Tennessee woman spray-painted over a pride mural painted on a bridge in Alcoa, a popular spot for art in the community.

The Daily Times reports that two high school seniors were painting on the bridge Wednesday when the “Karen” drove by. She was upset by the art and asked them to stop. 

Jasmine Martinez and her girlfriend Carmen McClain were painting the LGTBQ+ flag to celebrate coming out to their families this summer. The woman returned with white spray paint and began defacing the mural. 

The woman told the teens she was coming to paint over their mural. The video of the confrontation was posted to an acquaintance of the teen’s Facebook, showing the woman yelling at the teens, yelling, “I pay taxes. I’m an American.”

She accused the teens, and all gay people, of wanting to stand out. 

“Y’all aren’t even different anymore. Y’all are trying to stand out. I could give a s*** less about what you want and what you think you might want to be,” the “Karen” said.

The woman threatened to call the police, so the teens decided it would be better to leave.

According to TMZ, the bridge was repainted. On top of the rainbow flag, it says “Love Is Love,” with some white hearts on either side of the words.

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