Karma’s A B*tch Kimbella! Juelz Has Been Cheating With Other Models!

You can find out all the dirt if you hang around Twitter enough. Next up we have video models Kimbella and former Kat Stacks BFF Jenna Shea. It seems the web-spat started after someone made a comment that Kimbella was a hoe, you know the usual. Kimbella responded with “Bitch dont tweet my page u fucking scum buckets!! Go find the next dirty dick! 5 mins is up boo!!”. Well that set off the Twitter slaying that was to become Kimbella’s 3rd dragging since landing a role on Love & Hip Hop. Jenna and her team of video vixens unleashed the dragon in the worst way and luckily there weren’t any glasses to throw!


Oh but it gets real, check out the following tweets!

But then Kimbella follows with this…

Is that her way of hinting that maybe her and Juelz are tying the knot? Is she only saying that because she wants these other girls to get jealous. Kimbella, face it, like Emily you have to understand that your man is cheating. If you should decide to stick around this is what you’re going to deal with time and time again. I wonder why so many models in the urban model game don’t like Kimbella though? It can’t all be about Juelz.

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