Katherine Jackson Fails to Appear in Court; Trent Jackson Blames Jermaine Jackson for her ‘Disappearance’


Last month, Katherine Jackson filed a restraining order against her nephew-in-law, Trent Jackson, citing years of elder abuse. In the court documents, the Jackson family matriarch said that Trent was mentally abusive, adding that he would also use her credit card without her permission. At that time, Jackson retreated to London to stay with her daughter, Janet Jackson, as Trent’s presence and abuse left her “in a constant state of fear and confusion.” But when she failed to show up in court, Trent began to point fingers, claiming Jackson’s fourth progeny is the mastermind behind her alleged “disappearance.”


In new legal documents obtained by TMZ, Jackson’s nephew is placing the blame on Michael Jackson’s older brother, Jermaine. He believes Jermaine is the mastermind behind the legal documents filed on behalf of his aunt, adding that he has major doubts about Katherine’s whereabouts. Trent mentions a 2012 incident when Katherine went AWOL and ended up somewhere in Arizona. He said Jermaine and a few other Jacksons were holding her hostage, taking away her phone and television privileges, all to control the estate of their deceased family member, TMZ reports.


Now Trent is asking a judge to either drop the case against him or force Katherine to face him in court. According to TMZ, he is confident in a positive outcome either way, as he believes Katherine will refute all of the claims against him, similar to a situation that occurred in 2012.

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