Katherine Jackson, Mother of Michael Jackson, Alleges Nephew-In-Law Abused Her for Years

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Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson, has come forward with disturbing claims, citing years of mental abuse by her nephew-in-law and driver, Trent Lamar Jackson.


According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Jackson says the abuse was so bad that at times she was too afraid to go home. The documents reveal that on top of the abuse, the 86-year-old’s nephew (through marriage), was described as “an abusive con-man” who  used Ms. Jackson’s credit cards for his own personal purchases and accessed her bank accounts without her permission.


Currently Ms. Jackson is in London visiting her daughter, Janet Jackson, but she says she is “afraid to go home with Trent there.” Apparently, she’s tried to fire Trent and kick him out of her guesthouse but he refuses to leave. She says Trent’s presence and abuse has left her “in a constant state of fear and confusion” and if she returns home she “fears he could physically harm her for terminating him.”


As a result, a judge issued a restraining order against Trent and instructed him to move out of Jackson’s home, leave all the keys and return the passwords and combinations to the property.


The two will meet once again in court, for a hearing on March 1st.


Trent is the son of Lawrence Jackson,  Joe Jackson’s brother.

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