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While many football fans rally around the big screen to see the best of the AFC and NFC go head to head  for the right to consider themselves the crème de la crème of the league, many gather for the half-time performance. This year was no different with Katy Perry taking stage. 

When Perry told the media she would be the first performer to bring a tiger on stage, most automatically assumed Tony the Tiger in real form would appear. There was no earthly way possible the metallic creature manned by human ingenuity would have been a thought. Like a queen on her throne, Perry  was ushered in as she performed “Roar”.  The animatronic had me at hello. I am a sucker for visuals and pyrotechnics. By the time, Perry transitioned into “Dark Horse”, her stage lit up like a scene from a futuristic movie and viewers alike were entranced. Keeping it viewer-friendly, Perry performed a beach-y rendition of “Teenage Dream” giving viewers a little summer warmth in the winter.


And then there was Lenny [Kravitz]. What better way to perform “ I Kissed A Girl” then to have  the electric guitar blazed by the legendary Lenny Kravitz! It was a rocker’s dream. Perry could have ended the performance there, but somehow she thought we needed more. [Thank you Perry!!!] Going totally opposite of speculation, Perry brought out Hip Hop tastemaker Missy Elliot. The “Beep Me 911” artist had all eyes on her as she took many fans down a trip through memory lane. 


Opening her three song performance with “Get Your Freak On”, Elliot made the Half-Time show just that much more dope.  [BTW: Missy looked awesome] “Work It” and “Lose Control”  were just the icing on the cake. Missy’s foot work was awesome as ever.  Oh Football Half-Time Show gods, could you have let Missy Perform  “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)”. Perry’s performance was A-1, but something about Missy saying that inaudible bar from “Work It” that makes me happy. Don’t Judge Me.


Singing “Firework” as her coup de grace, Perry ended the show as she floated through the stadium.


I think the Perry’s performance was pretty legit although some on  Twitter don’t. There were times Perry’s voice was a tad bit shaky, but I can’t get mad. She was actually performing. After wardrobe change #2…you would probably have found me sitting on the edge of a stage with a ventilator lip syncing. Then the other problem was trying to figure out if Perry rode in on a tiger ( as she mentioned she would) or lion. I kind of figured I would say Liger. It was the color of a lion, but the build of a tiger and since it’s an actual cross breed, it fits perfectly. 


In case you missed it for some unimaginable reason, you can check it out below.




-Niko Rose

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