Kawhi Leonard Plans To Trademark “What It Do Baby?” And Other Viral Lines

NBA baller Kawhi Leonard is looking to trademark some of his viral quotes.

On Oct. 23, Leonard’s lawyer announced the Los Angeles Clippers star filed to trademark “what it do baby” and “city views over interviews.”  “Kawhi Leonard has filed two new trademark applications: 1. WHAT IT DO BABY 2. CITY VIEWS OVER INTERVIEWS The applications, filed on October 23rd, indicate that Kawhi intends to use the trademarks as a clothing brand. #kawhi #ClipperNation My breakdown,” said Leonard’s lawyer, Josh Gerben.

When it comes to branding, Leonard is definitely about his business. Back in June, Leonard had a legal dispute with athletic brand #Nike, in which he claimed Nike used his “Klaw” logo without his permission. Leonard wanted to use the logo after he signed a shoe deal with New Balance after leaving Nike. “What it do baby” went viral after the Toronto Raptors won against the Golden State Warriors in the 2019 NBA championship. Leonard said the line in a video taken by former Raptor teammate Serge Ibaka.

While noticeably a silent guy, Leonard seems to have a way with words and making them go viral. His latest phrase to take social media by storm is “hey, hey, hey” which has now been used in a variety of memes and gifs.

Kawhi Leonard Tries To Trademark
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