Keion Carpenter Cause of Death Revealed

39 year old former Atlanta Falcons safety, Keion Carpenter, died on December 29th after he took a fall while vacationing with his family in Miami, FL. According to new reports, it appears Carpenter died from traumatic brain injuries suffered in his fall.


Carpenter was not drunk and had only had one drink on the day he collapsed. While leaving Black Point Marina around 8:15pm, Carpenter raced his son to the car. He then came to a complete stop, grabbed the side mirror and collapsed backwards to the ground. According to reports, he did not make any attempts to stop his fall before hitting the ground.


Keion Carpenter’s wife called 9-1-1. When he regained consciousness in the ambulance, he told responders that his head hurt and that he was hot. He then suffered a heart attack, which he never recovered from. Carpenter slipped into a coma and died the next morning.


Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the former NFL star to fall in the first place. Carpenter had hypertension, but his family says he took his medicine regularly, monitored his blood pressure daily and kept a healthy diet. Carpenter also suffered many concussions during his stint in the NFL. It’s unclear whether his collapse had anything to do with that.


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