Keke Palmer Plans To Take Legal Action Against Trey Songz

Last week, Keke Palmer was shocked to find out that she had been featured in Trey Songz’s “Pick Up The Phone” video, despite telling the singer and his team that she did not want to be included. According to the actress, she felt pressured to be in the video and it was only after being found hidden in a closet, that Trey Songz told her she didn’t have to be in it. After seeing her brief cameo in the video anyway, Palmer took to Twitter and Instagram in a series of posts and videos to blast the singer.


In an upcoming episode of Larry King Now, airing February 1st, Palmer discusses claims that Trey Songz used “sexual intimidation” to coerce her into participating in his video shoot.


“I said, first, ‘no’ to the producer, then said ‘no’ to the assistant, and then said ‘no’ to Trey, and then said it again after I came out of the closet,” she tells Larry King.


Keke says that she was reluctant to be in the video because she had been drinking and eating and wasn’t in the right mind to make professional decisions. She also said that she didn’t know the artist featured or if she liked the song. However, videos posted to Snapchat showed Keke referring to the the featured artist as her boy and saying that the song blew her away.


When asked to explain what she meant by Songz using “sexual intimidation” to coerce her, Keke explains,  ” I mean just that,” adding, “I feel like as a female, often I’m put in situations where sometimes males will use their masculinity, their sexuality, to taunt you. I hate to say that and make it known, but I ain’t the first person that’s gone through this. People have gone through this all the time.”


When asked if Keke plans to press charges, she says,  “Yes, I am [planning to take legal action] . I mean, it’s out and it’s over but I feel more so my point, it’s not just specifically about this person, this guy or what he did. It’s the overall idea that you can’t just do stuff to people and it’s all right. No matter who you are.”


Watch a clip of the interview below.

Keke with the featured artist MikexAngel

More footage of #kekepalmer on set #treysongz (see previous videos)

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