Keke Wyatt Faces Backlash After Seemingly Attacking Pro-Blackness And Comparing Black Mixed-Race Oppression To The Black Community

Keke Wyatt is getting dragged on Twitter after she seemingly attacked pro-Blackness and compared the Black community’s oppression to the Black, mixed-race biracial community.

On Tuesday, the ladies of Fox Soul‘s “Cocktails with Queens Hosted by Claudia Jordan” discussed a video posted online by Milan Christopher‘s live stream of “The Mahne Tea.”

In the clip, Christopher tries to explain the years of oppression Black people have faced. “In the real world and reality, Black people have been segregated, persecuted, hunted down, killed, stolen from, humiliated,” Christopher says right before getting cut off by Wyatt, who can be seen rolling her eyes in the video. Wyatt chimes in and says, “And so have Mexicans, and so have other people, honey.” 

While she’s speaking, Christopher asks Wyatt to let him continue speaking without cutting him off. “When you talk, I have been nothing but quiet and respectful,” Christopher says. Christopher asks again can he finish talking, and Wyatt says, “Okay, pro-Black, praise God, go head, sweet sugars.” Wyatt then chats with someone in her background while Christopher is asking for time to speak without interruption. She then cuts in and yells, “You have to understand, Black people are not the only people that have been oppressed. They are not the only ones my ni**a.” The conversation ended up making it to Twitter, and Black Twitter reacted. 

“Tbh Keke Wyatt grew up with more privilege than the average black women even though she claim 2b black if she wanted she could pass 4White,if ppl r oppressed they r newly oppressed ok boo u need 2sit down & shut the hell up your career already gone,” one person wrote. 

The conversation became a topic on the Fox Soul show, and some of the ladies agreed that Wyatt missed the point. “Cocktails” co-host and friend of Wyatt, Syleena Johnson, shared her take on the matter. “A lot of times when Keke tries to make a point sometimes she’s very misunderstood,” Johnson said. “Keke would tell me stories about how it was hard for her on both sides,” Johnson said, referring to her friend’s biracial background. “So, her anguish and concern is genuine. But, because of the way Keke sometimes expresses herself, because she’s just real raw and cut, it doesn’t always come out as cute and pretty with a bow on it.”

What are y’all’s feelings?

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