Kelly Price Reveals That a Hertz Car Company Employee Called the Police on Her Over a Car Rental Dispute

Kelly Price Says Her Sister Tried To Put Her In A Conservatorship While She Was Battling COVID-19: ‘I Almost Got Britney Speared’

Kelly Price says she was almost put in a conservatorship by her sister while she was privately battling Covid.

During her interview with comedian Luenell, Kelly says her sister allegedly tried to put her in a conservatorship last summer. Around that time, Kelly couldn’t be found because she was recovering from COVID-19.

“I almost got ‘Britney Speared,’ this summer. There was a conservatorship in play by a specific family member. And some of the family did fall out about it. I had a great aunt who did have something to say to my sister about that and said, ‘Why would you do that,’” Kelly says.

The singer mentions that her aunt asked her sister her reason for conservatorship. According to Price’s sister, she did not want Kelly’s husband to take everything if she, unfortunately, died from her Covid complications. However, Kelly says she and her husband did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement, but they do “have an understanding.”

Kelly’s family may not have liked the conservatorship idea, but it was probably a good idea since Kelly went flatlined while in the hospital.

“When I went into the hospital, they shut down visitation. Men were not allowed to come to the hospital with their wives having babies when I was in the hospital. I was unconscious for days, actually. My heart did stop. I was medically dead. They were able to resuscitate me,” she said.

Watch Kelly’s complete response below.

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