Ballerific Sports: Kendall Wright Has His Baby Mama's Car Repossessed After She Takes Him To Court

Ballerific Sports: Kendall Wright Has His Baby Mama’s Car Repossessed After She Takes Him To Court

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kendall Wright’s baby mama, Kortney Michelle Owens-Rader, is taking him to court for child support. However, Wright has sought revenge by repossessing her car.

TMZ Sports reports, Owens-Rader states she has a 5-month-old son with Wright and in December he agreed to pay her $2,100/month in child support, starting in 2016.

Previously their arrangement was not on paper. Wright had even gifted his baby mama with a 2014 Cadillac XTS that, up until now, was hers. Previously she owned a 2010 Nissan, but once she received the new car, she sold it. Wright kept the Cadillac under his name and Kortney thinks Wright stopped making payments on the car because he was pissed she took him to court. In turn, the car was repossessed last week. Sources close to the situation say Kortney now has no way of transporting the baby to and from doctor’s appointments and has limited transportation to work. The source says Kendall Wright does not see his 5-month old very often, and has never made a bottle or changed a diaper.

The two aren’t due back in court for a few months.

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