Kendrick Norton Says He’s “Grateful to Be Alive” Following Car Crash That Resulted In The Loss Of His Arm

Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton told CBS 4’s Peter D’Oench in a recent interview that he is “real grateful to be alive” after losing his arm in a car crash on July 4. “I am alive,” Norton told D’Oench. “To be here, I am alive. One thing keeps me going and that is that I am still able to be here. Seeing my family is so important. It is very good that I have this support system. It keeps me strong and it keeps me tall.”

Norton was hospitalized after his truck collided with a Maserati and crashed into a concrete barrier, flipping over. Though his overall injuries were not considered life-threatening, his left arm had to be amputated, thus jeopardizing his NFL career.

According to ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe, Norton has undergone at least four surgeries since the crash and is expected to have more during his recovery. “If you’re able to go through this situation, you should be happy,” Norton said to D’Oench. “A lot of people are burying people. If you’re alive, you should be grateful.”

The NFL has informed the lineman that all of his medical expenses will be covered by the league or the Dolphins’ insurance. Norton was cited for an improper lane change in relation to the crash but neither alcohol nor drugs were believed to be involved.

“It’s not realistic that I’ll be able to play football anymore,” Norton told D’Oench.

Kendrick Norton

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