Baller Alert Exclusive: Kenny Burns Addresses Diddy’s Comments and Explains Why It Was So Irresponsible: “You’re Telling People, Essentially, Not To Vote”

On Tuesday, Diddy took to social media to declare that “the black vote will not be free this year,” demanding “black leverage” despite the obligation to replace Donald Trump.

In response, Kenny Burns took to Instagram to call out Diddy, hashtagging the media mogul’s own political slogan, “Vote or Die.”

“Puff, this statement is VERY irresponsible at this point,” Burns said. “The only option is to get Trump out of office. Come on, Champ! Encouraging people to stand by is NOT AN OPTION.”

However, the post was quickly removed from Diddy’s page, and in turn, Burns was blocked.

Now, the lifestyle specialist is speaking out about the exchange, and doubling down on his stance against the media mogul.

During the latest episode of Baller Alert’s ‘The Baller Alert Show’ podcast, Burns shared his side of the story and the problem he had with Diddy’s initial declaration.

“I was baffled, I was like ‘What do you mean?’ I’m literally saying that ‘What you said was irresponsible,’” Burns said. “The thing would have been to reply with the black agenda. Everyone knows that there is a black agenda that has to be addressed.”

“The problem I had with the video are two things in specific. He made a comment that this was business, we all know that Donald Trump ran his entire campaign on business. This is not just business six months before the election,” Burns said. “What he fails to realize every time in his superhero moment, in his ‘fearless black leader moment,’ is that this is not about you. You are not personally holding our vote as a community; that’s not a responsible way to share the information.”

As Burns he continued, he explained why he left the comment and what he planned to accomplish by leaving the comment. He also revealed that while many agree with Diddy’s sentiments, including Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Rye, Killer Mike and more, “at the end of the day, if you tell someone that is not educated in politics that you’re standing by ‘holding (the other problem) the vote hostage’ you’re telling people, essentially, not to vote.”

As the conversation continued, the hosts discussed celebrity responsibility and addressed Justin Combs’ reaction to the entire ordeal, before Burns ended with his final thoughts on why the post was irresponsible. ”That was an ’Ah’ moment with nothing to define said statement, and that’s irresponsible.”

Kenny Burns

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