Kentucky Man Who Tested Positive For COVID-19 And Refused To Self-Isolate Is Now Being Monitored 24/7 By Police

After testing positive for the coronavirus that’s rapidly taking over the nation, one Nelson County resident in Kentucky left a Louisville hospital against medical advice and refused to self-isolate.

However, according to news outlets, the man is now required to remain inside his home, which is being guarded.

Governor Andy Beshear informed residents of Kentucky on Saturday that social distancing is what’s best for the state, in a press conference.

“It’s a step I hoped I never had to take, but we can’t allow one person we know who has this virus to refuse to protect their neighbors,” said Beshear, informing residents about the necessary precautions being placed so that people don’t spread the virus.

Lexington Herald-Leader reports that there is a law enforcement officer located outside the 53-year-old’s residence to make sure he doesn’t escape and potentially spread the virus.

“We’ve got to make sure that people who have tested positive, that we know could be spreading the virus, and simply refuse to do the right thing, do the right thing,” Beshear continued.

As of Sunday, the number of confirmed cases in Kentucky were reportedly 21.

“Fear can cause more harm than this virus ever will. I am asking everyone to be a good neighbor,” Beshear added. “We are asking people to make major sacrifices in this state.”

The man is said to be cooperating at this time.

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