Kenya Barris Responds to Criticism Over the Lack of Dark Skinned Stars in his New Show “Black Excellence”

Kenya Barris, who is the creator of the popular ABC sitcom ‘Black-ish,’ is finally responding to the backlash he received in response to the announcement of his new NetFlix series, “Black Excellence.”

When Barris recently announced his latest project along with the promo photo of the family cast, there was immediate criticism over the lack of dark-skinned actors, especially with the title of the show alluding to it being inclusive of all blacks. The show stars Quincy Jones’ daughter, Rashida Jones, and a slew of lighter complexioned children.

Barris has previously been criticized for casting mostly light-skinned and mixed-raced women and children in “‘Black-ish” and its spin-offs, “Grown-ish” and “Mixed-ish.”

However, in response, he addressed the fans on Twitter, standing by his casting of lighter-skinned actors for the project and highlighting the fact that the cast mimics the many shades of his own Black family.

“Guys, this is supposed to be real. What do u think Rashida & I’s kids would look like? Have you seen MY actual very real and definitely BLACK family? Don’t we have enough hate from others?”

He doubled down on those comments, tweeting, “I’m going to say this and then let what happens happen… Colorism is a divisive tool used by the powerful to separate the truly powerful.”

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  1. Complete black people have the right to be offended with a mixed family shoved down our throats we so very often get excluded even within the same group of people that think they are us and act oblivious to excluding us from our shit this is exclusive to mixed people with blended washed out families that’s not fair to us

    • Now what EXACTLY is a complete black person? I am INTRIGUED and offended! You make it sound like a black person is not truly a complete black person if they are not charcoal black or of even a darker complexion. That is just NOT the case. I am a caramel brother and still catch the same amount of race related bullshit that a dark-skinned or lighter complexioned person would, if not MORE SO! So where are you going with this? And I STILL want to know what exactly constitutes a “complete black person”?

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