Kenya Bell Gets Half In Charlie Bell Divorce

I know Charlie has to be stashing some money away but I know this has got to hurt. Even after Charlie claimed to be dead broke his former Basketball Wife (literally) Kenya Bell is leaving with half after a judge’s final ruling in their divorce. And to think, she tried to Keke Wyatt stab him and STILL came out somewhat victorious. 

Here’s the breakdown

– Neither party will pay spousal support

– Charlie will pay Kenya $1,000 per month in support although they share custody of their 2 children

– Kenya gets to keep the family’s Michigan home AND the home Charlie bought her parents.

– Charlie keeps the condo in Vegas and the home he bought his parents.

– Kenya was awarded $780,000 cash from Charlie’s savings (leaving him with $656,000). Kenya also gets half of the $670,000 from another account. 

– Charlie gets NONE of Kenya’s Basketball Wives checks.

Talk about a come up! 

(Source: TMZ)

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