Kenya Bell Goes From Creating Her Own Cheap Videos To Starring In One

Oh Dear…I don’t really know how I feel about Kenya. She goes from recreating “Single Ladies” in her living room for Youtube viewers to joining the cast of Basketball Wives. We all know Shaunie pays decently so I am not understanding what would compel Kenya to become a video girl in some no-name’s low budget video. I’m not going to go in on the 1992 dance choreography that they’re doing nor will I go in on the fact that all the men in this video are old enough to be my father yet are out here doing music written for Trey Songz. I will however go in on the fact that Kenya is hustling backwards and looking a fool while doing so. These better be her cousins because all of that gyrating in made-for-youtube music videos when you’re getting VH1 checks is unnecessary. Girl…



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