Kevin Durant Says He Can See Himself Retiring from Basketball at 35: “I’m Young, I’m Still Learning Life and About Basketball” 

Despite Kevin Durant’s recent championship win, he’s already thinking about life after the game. In fact, the GoldenStateWarriors champ and Finals MVP says he wouldn’t mind retiring from basketball at the age of 35.

On Friday, the 29-year-old said, “This game, your craft, you have to continue studying it,” Durant said. “No matter how much you enjoy it, nobody wants to be in school that long. I know I don’t. At some point, you have to be ready to graduate. Thirty-five, that’s just a number in my mind.”

In his professional career, the ball player has scored 20,913 career points. This sits him alongside #LeBronJames (31,038) and #KareemAbdulJabbar (38,387). When asked about his current status in NBA history he said he isn’t trying to beat any mark and is more than happy to leave when he’s ready.



“That’s how I want to leave the game,” Durant said. “And if I happen to have all these accolades and these accomplishments, then that’s cool. If not, I’m still cool.” Durant’s business partner then mentioned the player’s previous interest in retiring at 35. Durant said in response, “I feel like I have options,” Durant said. “I’m young, I’m still learning life and about basketball. I have a whole life ahead of me that I’m excited about, and I thank basketball for opening up so many doors for me.”



Some players who continued to play successfully well after the age of 35 are: Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, # CharlesJones, #KarlMalone and Robert Parrish. The oldest player to ever play in the NBA was #NatHickey who retired when he was 45 years and 363 days old.

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