Kevin Durant Would Like To See Weed Removed From The List Of Banned Substances In The NBA, “It’s A Plant That’s Put Here For A Reason”

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant, 31, is continuing his fight to make marijuana an allowed drug in the NBA.

In a recent interview on “All The Smoke” on Showtime, Durant discusses his reasoning for wanting the banned drug removed.

“It’s one of those plants that’s an acquired taste,” he explained. “If you love it, you love it. If you don’t, you’re not even going to pick it up. It shouldn’t even be a discussion these days.”

The NBA star also added on to his reasoning, stating that weed isn’t dangerous.

“It’s just like, marijuana is marijuana,” he continued. “It’s not harmful to anybody. It can only help and enhance and do good things. I feel like it shouldn’t even be a huge topic around it anymore.”

This isn’t the first time Durant has shown interest in normalizing the drug as he previously partnered with rapper Snoop Dogg for a marijuana startup titled ‘Dutchie.’

The 10-time NBA All-Star has also previously collaborated with a venture capital firm that specializes in Cannabis.

Durant also explained how marijuana should be as universally accepted as drinking caffeine, as he says his team does regularly.

“Everybody on my team drinks coffee every day,” he stated. “Taking caffeine every day. Or guys go out to have wine after games or have a little drink here and there. Marijuana should be in that tone.”

There are currently over 200 banned substances in the NBA.

Recently the MLB removed the drug from it’s banned list, while the NHL allows players to test positive with no retributions.

“Why are we even talking about it? It shouldn’t even be a conversation now. So hopefully we can get past that and the stigma around it and know that it does nothing but make people have a good time, make people hungry, make people just come together — that plant brings us all together,” Durant added.

Heat player Dion Waiters was recently suspended for ten games after taking an edible on an airplane, which caused him to have a panic attack.

Thabo Sefolosha, Nerlens Noel, Larry Sanders, and J.R. Smith have all been suspended by the NBA for using marijuana in the past.

Durant also addressed marijuana not being accepted in society, causing senseless incarcerations due to a harmless drug.

“We start getting people out of jail for marijuana. That’s the next step,” Durant explained. “And just keep going. But it’s a plant that’s put here for a reason, and that’s to bring us together. Hopefully it happens (removing marijuana from the banned substance list), especially in the NBA.”

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