Kevin Hart Addresses Fan Who Asks When He’ll Stop Making “Stereotypical Movies”

Comedic superstar, #KevinHart didn’t take kindly to a young woman’s Twitter comment regarding his choice of movie roles. The young lady tweeted, “When are Black Celebs like #KevinHart and #MarlonWayans gonna stop doing stereotypical movies?”

Kevin Hart fans know that he enjoys connecting with his fan base, so it was no shock that after viewing her tweet, Hart wanted to address the comment directly. 

“When are Black people going to stop being so hard on their own kind? We can’t do better until we help each other,” Hart tweeted.  He then went on to explain that the problem isn’t the films being made, but the lack of support. 

“I’m busting my a** so other actors of color can eventually get the title “Black Movie Category” removed from the projects that we do.” 

The Philadelphia Native feels negativity and complaints do nothing, and we need to unite verses attempting to tear one another down. I can’t say that I don’t agree.

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