Kevin Hart Opens Up About Oscars Scandal Backlash: “I Don’t Understand Why There’s A Push To Destroy”

Comedian-actor Kevin Hart is opening up about the Oscars scandal and his idea that there’s a culture that seeks to tarnish controversial comedians rather than just not supporting. 

Back in December, Hart faced backlash after homophobic tweets from several years ago resurfaced, launching an outcry of criticism towards the comedian. After a few posts discussing the incident, Hart eventually apologized and stepped down from hosting the 91st Academy Awards. 

During an interview with #JoeRogan’s podcast, Hart opened up about how it was difficult to explain why he joked about the controversial topics in the first place. “They kept trying to look for this hard definition of ‘why.’ And it’s like, I don’t have it. I don’t have the reason why. I thought it would be funny and it wasn’t. That’s the downfall. That’s it,” he told Rogan.


Hart went on to say that he’s grown as an artist and has turned away from certain content while other comedians still push the limits with jokes. In fact, he explained that he chooses to be “sensitive to the times.” But, as he continued, Hart revealed that he believes the entire ordeal stems from society striving to destroy the image of comedians through their own opinions. 

“I think it’s easier to just say ‘I’m not a fan. That comedy isn’t for me,’” Hart said. “‘You know what, I don’t like the taste of this particular comedian, so I’m not going to support or watch that comedian. I’m going to find another comedian that’s more to my liking. I’m going to go and just turn my head.’ I want us to get back to understanding that you just don’t have to support it. That’s it.” Hart concluded: “I don’t understand why there’s a push to destroy when you just don’t have to support or like.”

Kevin Hart talks Oscar Backlash
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