Kevin Hart Reveals He Turned Down Flight to Space: “Nah, I Can’t F*ck Around With Space at This Point”

On the most recent episode of Kevin Hart’s SIRIUS XM ShowStraight From The Hart,” he revealed that he turned down the chance to go to space.

“I was offered a seat on a shuttle to space, and the offer came with wanting to document a celebrity’s experience,” he told his co-hosts. “They said they wanted to document my experience from start to finish and have me complete it. It was like 30, 45 days of spending time with a team, and then you’re looking at a 60- to 90-minute trip.”

Hart remained tight-lipped about the amount of money he was promised, maintaining that the number “isn’t important.” He says he turned down the opportunity because of the dangers of space travel.

The comedian explained, “I said, ‘I would love to know the record of space shuttles that made it versus the ones that didn’t. What’s the record of success versus non-success?’ And that’s my reason. That number is too close. It’s not a crazy upside-down number one way or the other. It’s too f—— close, and that’s that for me.”

However, just because Hart isn’t interested in taking flight just yet, that doesn’t mean he is declining any future trips to space.

He said, “Now,  if I’m on the other side of life — if I’m 60, 65 — my kids are a certain age, I’ve seen all the flowers blossom, and I’d have lived life, [then] that’s something that you punctuate it with,” he said. “At this point, when you’ve got these little ones — Nah, I can’t f— around with space at this point.”


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