Kevin Hart Uses Previous Sex Tape Extortion as Defense in $7 Million Lawsuit Over “Gold Ambush” Game

A $7 million lawsuit with a gaming company has given Kevin Hart deja vu of his previous marital affair.

Hart excitedly partnered with Stand Up Digital with expectations to launch a game last year. Unfortunately, 2017 wasn’t only a year of career ventures for the comedian. He was also embroiled in an extortion plot, which forced him to publicly admit his infidelities in his refusal to surrender to blackmailers claiming to have a sex tape of him.

The Hart family dealt with the admission on their own and moved on. However, Stand Up Digital said their collaborated app had a hard time getting off the ground because of it. Hence, the lawsuit.

According to a court document obtained by The Bast, the tech company filed the suit for $7.2 million because they believed Hart’s extortion caused the game, ”Gold Ambush” to flop. Coincidentally, Apple’s AppStore went back on their commitment to sell the game on the platform around the same time.

But, Hart refused to take responsibility for the failed launch. After being bullied into a corner last year, Hart found the strength not only to deny any fault but also countersue on claims that Stand Up hasn’t given him a penny for any of the profits generated from the game. He reportedly felt that he was being “taken advantage of in a similar manner” again.

However, the gaming company also argued that Kevin did not communicate effectively with them regarding his confession in order for them to properly prepare for the potential blowback. But, the actor explained there was no way of him giving details about the extortion case since it was under federal investigation. He also expressed the launch of the game simply could have been pushed to a later date after the incident blew over.

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