Kevin Hart’s Former Best Friend Involved in Sex Tape Scandal Gets Felony Extortion Charge Dropped

It looks like Kevin Hart’s former best friend, JT Jackson is off the hook in Hart’s sex tape scandal case. According to reports, the felony extortion charge against Jackson has officially been dropped.

Los Angeles District Attorney filed documents Friday explaining that they didn’t have enough evidence to convict the actor, therefore the extortion charge wouldn’t stick, and the charge was dismissed.

Although Jackson reportedly made demands regarding the sex tape on a number of blogs and different websites, he never initiated a direct threat to the comedian or his team and in order to win an extortion case, prosecutors felt it was important to have.

However, there was a point where #KevinHart put it out in the public that he was connected to a woman in a sex tape. Jackson did reportedly make a demand for money on the comedian’s Instagram account, but it was only after Hart himself already spilled the beans about the sex tape, so it’s not being counted as extortion.

As previously reported, Montia Sabbag, the woman in Hart’s 2017 sex tape, is suing the comedian for $60 million. She claims that Hart and Jackson planned to secretly record the encounter in Hart’s Las Vegas hotel room.

Sabbag claims that the comedian sent Jackson into the Cosmopolitan Hotel suite so that he could set up the hidden camera before they arrived. Kevin repeatedly denied these allegations, saying that he knew nothing about the hidden camera and that he too was a victim of his friend’s attempt to secretly record his sexual encounter and extort him for money.

Jackson was actually arrested for extortion after he allegedly produced a video teaser about the sex tape and requested an undisclosed amount of money from Hart, according to officials. Jackson denied ever extorting the comedian and he is now off the hook. 

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