Kevin McCall Lashes Out At Claudia Jordan: “If You Had A Man, I’d B*tch Slap Him In Front Of You”

For the past few months, Kevin McCall Jr. has made headlines over his antics, which, in most cases, have been in connection to his longstanding legal battle over custody of his daughter with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Eva Marcille. 

In fact, just weeks ago, McCall was arrested ahead of a custody hearing after getting into an altercation with court security. But now, McCall is facing backlash for allegedly disrespecting a woman on Instagram live. 

In the video, McCall is seen enjoying his meal with a female companion, and at some point, the dinner date goes south. 

“U ain’t got to be rude, though…PERIODT. It’s no excuse,” a user wrote, as she witnessed the uncomfortable interaction. 

“What I do? How I ruin it?” McCall asked, as the woman responded, “You supposed to give a person the opportunity to learn you, what you like and dislike before you go off on them.” 

“So, if somebody start playing and tryna put food in your mouth, you can’t cuss em the f*ck out,” McCall said, “Tell em to act like they forty.” 

“Well, I didn’t know that you don’t like that,” the woman said. “Like, it was just an innocent thing, like, ‘Here, babe.’”

“That’s cute,” McCall said. “I’ma act cute cause the cameras on you. But, don’t sprinkle syrup on bullshit and try to tell me it’s pancakes. You just met me a few minutes ago, maybe hours. So don’t start reaching over try to hold my hand, don’t start trying to feed me.” 

As the conversation continued, the woman asked why he was recording the conversation, to which McCall responded, “What does me recording have to do with anything? Like I said earlier, once you let somebody know a camera is on, you start tryna act different.” 

“I’ll throw this whole meal on the floor, I don’t need your money, I don’t need your meal,” McCall said. “What I will demand is respect. Don’t play with me” 

“I been giving you that [from the beginning,” the woman said, to which McCall said, “You not giving me, when you asking me dumb ass questions like I’m weird. I’m no mother fucking nigga off Tinder. I’m not a prostitute. So just because you buy me a five-star dinner, I don’t give a fuck. I’m throw this shit on the floor.” 

The two went on to discuss the future of their relationship and the tension at the dinner, as it went from bad to worse. Shortly after, a screen recording of the awkward dinner was posted online, and shared by reality star Claudia Jordan. 

In the caption, Jordan wrote, “Damn Kevin McCall… this makes me sad :(“

Nearly a week later, McCall caught wind of the post and responded, “Bitch, your widows peak makes everybody sad… you looked 50 years old when I met you, and now you look 60. If u had a man, I’d bitch slap him in front of you. Now what?”

In response, a fan took to Twitter to point out McCall’s aggression toward women, which prompted a response from Jordan, herself.

“All I said in my tweet was that the video made me sad. He had no idea what part. But he certainly showed his whole ass. For anyone who ever doubted why Eva cut this man off totally-I hope they SEE now. This man is outta his mind. Making threats on twitter which is a whole crime,” she wrote, as the two then erupted in a back and forth

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