Keyshia Cole Sued For Beating Down Birdman’s Alleged Side Chick In 2014

Keyshia Cole is being sued for $4 million over an altercation that happened back in 2014. You may recall that Keyshia was arrested after paying a surprise visit to the penthouse of her then-boyfriend, Birdman, and finding him there with Sabrina Mercadel, a Cash Money employee for more than a decade. The singer supposedly flew into a jealous rage and both verbally and physically attacked Mercadel. After the beat down, the lawsuit alleges that Keysh also insinuated Sabrina was a prostitute, slapping her on the butt and telling her, “You can get your money later.”


Keyshia was charged with battery over the incident and at the time Mercadel was granted a restraining order against the singer. However, now, Mercadel is looking for a pay day. According to TMZ, the breakdown of the damages includes $50k for loss of earnings, $300k for future loss of earnings, $2 million for loss of use of a body part, $200k for future medical expenses, $500k for emotional distress, and $1.5 million for pain and suffering. Mercadel also maintains her stance that she and Birdman had a strictly “plutonic” relationship and that she was just visiting a friend when she was attacked.


At this point, the monetary amount being sought is more of a wish list than anything. Obviously, a judge will have to approve the final amount that Keyshia will have to pay, if she has to pay at all.

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