KFC Announces The Return Of The Double Down Bunless Sandwich
KFC Double Down sandwich (KFC)

KFC Announces The Return Of The Double Down Bunless Sandwich

No, you’re not dreaming. KFC has indeed announced the return of their bunless chicken sandwich after an almost decade-long hiatus. 

The KFC Double Down sandwich is for the chicken lovers who aren’t too fond of bread. If you simply want your meat uninterrupted, this is the right choice for your next dinner. The Double Down consists of two chunky extra crispy patties with cheese and flavorful smoked bacon in the middle. Customers can choose the restaurant’s classic mayo or signature spicy sauce. 

Originally introduced in 2010, the Double Down became an instant sensation, moving an impressive 10 million orders within its first month. Despite putting up these kinds of numbers, KFC felt that the handheld was underperforming. The fan favorite was scrapped before being reintroduced in April 2014. Again, hungry supporters flocked to drive-thrus to get their hands on the Double Down, only for it to be discontinued shortly after. For years, the Yum! Brands chain ignored pleas to return the Double Down, finally giving in recently. This time around, KFC has decided to add a brioche bun encased option for a splash of variety. An alternative will offer lovers of the bacon-chicken-cheese combo an opportunity to enjoy this dish. 

“The Double Down is one of the most buzzworthy fast food menu items ever,” said Nick Chavez, KFC’s chief marketing officer, in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.  

The only con of this fast food icon, which returns on March 6th,  is that KFC has vowed only to sell the Double Down for four weeks. It’s still being determined if the bun version will be available for longer. 

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