KFC Chicken Nuggets Are Now A Permanent Menu Item
Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets

KFC Chicken Nuggets Are Now A Permanent Menu Item

The time has finally come for Kentucky Fried Chicken to bring their long-awaited chicken nuggets to the masses.

The now permanent menu fixture was tested last year in a successful run at select locations. After positive feedback from customers, KFC decided the nuggets were exactly what the chain was missing. To make room for the 100% white meat fried chunks, the company booted several items off its menus last month. Popcorn Chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken Wings, and Chocolate Chip Cookies were just a few goodies that were scrapped.

The Colonel’s spin on nuggets will rival Popeye’s wildly popular similar offering, which debuted in 2021. Following the success of its chicken sandwich in 2019, it decided to incorporate the flavorful chunks. KFC is following the same path, now offering its own sandwich and accompanying chicken pieces. In a statement, KFC encourages customers to “break up with bland” chicken nuggets of the world and get a taste of the hand-breaded crispy pieces blended with 11 unique herbs and spices.

“People have been living in a nugget ‘blandemic’ and settling for the same mediocre nuggets for far too long,” the company declared in the news release.

Customers can order the nuggets beginning at just $3.49 in increments of either five, eight, twelve, or thirty with the option of several savory dipping sauces, including the new Buffalo Ranch, Honey BBQ, KFC Sauce, Honey Sauce, Classic Ranch, Hot Sauce or Honey Mustard. The nuggets are also available in a combo, with a drink and a side.

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